We place at your disposal a comprehensive service of technological implementation in order to work together with you in the development, installation and maintenance of your business. This system comes from our service vocation and the intention to offer a valuable service to our clients.
Thanks to a first rate human multidiscipline team, we can advise you even before the initiation of activities in your company, so that all the steps you take are efficient and lead to major productivity with competitive products. We can work together from the beginning, starting from some personal conditions; we will establish a personalized plan of action which will include all the possibilities which adapt to your requirements. Trust us; we have the necessary experience and capabilities.

Nowadays, Serrano Food Technology is a solid and modern company, a leader in the manufacture and distribution of technology for the Food Sector. Our products are the result of years of hard work and concern over innovation to be able to offer something better every day.
We know through experience that the technology applied to this Sector is an essential factor therefore a large part of our time and energy is dedicated to the researching new methods which will allow our clients to make maximum profitability from their investment.
Thanks to this special aspect, our products are successfully exported making us a supranational entity. The generating of patents in the European sphere allows us to work in countries all around the world.

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