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Introduction of technology in the Food Industry

We are a company with long and in-depth experience in the sector of the preserved and frozen food industry .

The company was founded in 1978 by Antonio Serrano Galindo who started his professional life as a master canner in one of the most important industries in the Region of Murcia, the birthplace of preserved food on a worldwide level.

In the beginnings of his career, Antonio acquired ample knowledge and experience in the manufacture of preserved food. Thanks to his intelligence and vision of the future, he began to develop the first machines that would improve production in his company. From the moment of implantation, these innovations produced excellent results and obtained huge acceptance in the sector, mainly due to the inexistence, in those days, of technological infrastructure in the companies.

The introduction of the technology soon became a first rate competitive factor which exponentially increased production, in such a way that a new working philosophy around investigation and development was installed.

Leader in the manufacture and distribution of technology

Nowadays, Serrano Food Technology is a solid and modern company, a leader in the manufacture and distribution of technology for the Food Sector. Our products are the result of years of hard work and concern over innovation to be able to offer something better every day.

A rapid and committed answer to the requirements of our clients and the Sector in general, we can even work together from the very beginning of the activity.

This is our raison d’être. A means of obtaining a more competitive product which fulfils proposed configuration assignments in an effective and profitable way.

This is a common goal. Each and every one of the processes and products are generated and reproduced around the most demanding certified and standardized quality standards.

More than a specific department, this is about a company philosophy which involves all areas and processes that are carried out around continuous growth and progress objectives.

The expansion of the markets should not only be seen as a source of income but should also produce positive feedback about our product and service which will help us to improve.

Independent Equipment

Tell us about your requirements and we will put together a personalised project which will adapt to your requirements.
If you so wish, we can work together from the start of the activity; carry out a renovation of your equipment or adapt it to new requirements.

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Complete Lines

Each Project is unique and personal. These are some examples that have been developed to date.
Our capacity and experience allow us to face any possible project within the Food Sector.

News and Events


Our most important customer in Turkey, has relied on Serrano FoodTech for the largest investment made in the field of canned mandarin production. This year we have manufactured, installed and commissioned a total of 7 complete mandarin processing lines ….And by 2019… Undoubtedly, Zumdieck Konserve, is the largest producer of canned mandarin in the world, has transformed its facilities to become the most automated factory in the world, to process this fruit. Thanks again for your trust!!!


Our relationship with Gourmet Picken began in 2015. The installation carried out at that time was very successful for both parties. From the beginning we have had a great relationship of trust and work together. In this year 2018, we have manufactured, installed and commissioned for our beloved client, 2 complete production lines, for the pasteurization and cooling of Frankfurt sausages in different formats. Very happy to continue having the confidence of this client, whom we also distinguish as a company formed by great people. Thank you!!


When a customer comes back to us to improve and expand their facilities, it fills us with satisfaction. This means that we do our job well, and we serve our customers accordingly. This year 2018, we have participated in the growth of the Salsas de Salteras facilities, and by 2019 …

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