Seding is a Chilean company which was set up ten years ago by the engineer Álvaro Ramírez. In the beginning the company was devoted to industrial engineering projects although later took over representations of European and South American companies.

This company is known as worldwide reference point in the field of tinned fruits. The organization capacity and the quality of its products have allowed OMIP to prevail in almost all the preserved food markets from the Italian to the European, from the South American to the Californian and Canadian and from these through to the Middle Eastern markets.

The International Machinery, Technology and Food Ingredients Trade Fair. By holding the BTA and Hispack together, over 3000 exhibiting companies have been brought together in 70.000 m2 and approximately 55.000 professional visitors have been convened.

Ferlo is steeped in an attitude which is applied to all its work processes. It is the permanent and constant willingness to offer more and more advanced solutions.
This way of understanding food industry processes allows them to always find opportunities to make new things or in a new way.

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