Serrano foodtech

Technology for
the Food Industry


Advancing to the rythm of the Modern Food

The change  is part of us, It is what allows us to grow without  losing our identity, It is the engine that brings us closer every day to the people, It is the essential ingredient  of progress. That’s why we create lines of change  between product and consumer, advancing to the rythm of the modern food.

The analysis of the latest technical advances makes us capable of keeping up with the pace set by the sector and offering the latest production solutions, anticipating trends and materializing opportunities.

We place at your disposal a comprehensive service of technological implementation in order to work together with you in the development, installation and maintenance of your business. This system comes from our service vocation and the intention to offer a valuable service to our clients.

Thanks to a first rate human multidiscipline team, we can advise you even before the initiation of activities in your company, so that all the steps you take are efficient and lead to major productivity with competitive products.

We can work together from the beginning, starting from some personal conditions; we will establish a personalized plan of action which will include all the possibilities which adapt to your requirements. Trust us, we have the necessary experience and capabilities.

Know how


The foundation of the company dates back to 1978, laying the foundations in the development and implementation of machinery for food industry, with a work philosophy around research and development.


Innovation is the basis of our business philosophy, which is applied to all the areas and processes that we carry out around an objective of continuous progress and growth.


Technology is our reason for being. A means to achieve a more competitive product that meets in a more efficient and profitable way with the proposed tasks in its configuration.


This is a common goal. Each and every one of the processes and products are generated and reproduced around the most demanding certified and standardized quality standards.

Fabricación, Implantación y Mantenimiento de la Tecnología en la Industria Alimentaria

Systems for the future

Investment in new technologies is the way to the future. Intelligent and flexible automation provides greater efficiency, reduces costs, increases both throughput and product quality, and most importantly, reduces reliance on labor. It is essential that production lines work efficiently, operating without breakdowns or delays. For this reason, we offer reliable, quality machinery that is fully prepared to face the challenges that the future of food presents.

Global presence

Our products are successfully exported throughout the world, making us a truly supranational organisation. The generation of patents in the European sector enables us to work in countries all over the globe and to continually expand.